At the heart of each search, an encounter takes place between three key stakeholders :

The client : its DNA, its future and its needs
The candidate : his or her competencies, interpersonal skills and aspirations
Our team : our human scale, collaborative approach and strong desire to build a deep understanding of each individual client and candidate; our ethic for building trust

  • The candidate

    Because we strive to put forward candidates with unique skills and personalities, our search strategy is as far-reaching as possible.

    We explore a wide diversity of profiles and conduct in-depth market research, knowing that excellence results from close attention to details.

    Our decisions are unique to each candidate and never based on preconceived ideas.

    We work together with the client to :

    • Configure our assessment tools to match their culture and business model.
    • Define specific discernment criteria.
  • The client

    We believe that no two recruitments are the same.

    Our clients are defined by their culture, their history, their strategy and often by their leaders’ personality.

    We don’t believe in ready-made solutions!

    We deliver bespoke services by direct approach, using a range of tools and networks as appropriate.

  • Our team

    An ethic for building trust.

    We respect the confidentiality of any information provided, whether it concerns our clients or the candidates.

    We don’t headhunt staff from our client companies or approach placed candidates.

    We work under exclusive contracts in which fees are agreed ahead of time and a retainer is paid.


Elzéar offers either an individual or a team approach, based on an analysis of the candidate’s personality and professional profile.

We like to understand a each person as a whole. To do so, we examine spontaneous as well as work-conditioned behaviour.

Our conversations and decisions are informed by a wide range of tools which our consultants are certified to use that provide insight into a candidate’s motivation, competencies, behaviour and potential.

Nevertheless, our search and assessment method is mainly interview-based.


DiSC® assessments are personality profiles developed from the answers to a series of questions.

The profile will indicate a candidate’s natural tendencies toward dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. A profile can be used to learn more about oneself, interpret one’s interactions with others and help to build organizations and teams using the best people for each role.

The study of the PCG : To understand the structure of the professional personality.

The study of the Professional Centre of Gravity allows us to understand how candidates position themselves in a work context, and the type of roles their natural competencies push them toward. We bring to light a “professional personality” showing which role candidates are likely to play within an organisation as a result of their natural competencies.

Ultimately, our opinion of each candidate is based mainly on face-to-face interviews, backed by references.