The Team

We highly value the personal approach that is characteristic of our profession, with clients and candidates alike. The quality of our frame of mind within the firm determines the quality of our external relationships.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Each and every one of our consultants is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This is what guarantees our passionate results-based approach and our determination to create value. And because we are a small firm, we can react quickly to your needs.

Working together

Our compensation scheme and our collaborative culture and processes ensure that we always work together as a team. The trust we earn from our clients directly results from the trust we at Elzéar have in each other


We focus on gaining long-term knowledge of our clients and their markets, so we can provide an efficient response to their critical needs. If we truly believe that a placement is impossible, we candidly say so to our client. In this case, we propose the alternative that appears to be the most constructive in light of the market context.

Thibaud de Prémare


Franck Jullié


Emmanuel PILARD

Senior consultant