Data protection policy RGPD

1 – Information notice

  2 – Personal data protection charter

    2.1 – Preamble

        2.2 – Data collected from candidates

        2.2.1 – Processing

        2.2.2 – Data collected

        2.2.3 – Purpose of data collection

        2.2.4 – Retention

        2.2.5 – Transfers

        2.2.6 – Rights

                2.3 – Data collected from the client

                2.3.1 – Processing

                2.3.2 – Data collected

                2.3.3 – Purpose of the data collected

                2.3.4 – Transfers

Information notice

The company Elzéar is the publisher of this site. Its head office is located at 48, rue de La Bienfaisance 75008 Paris, France, and its share capital is 50,000 Euros. It is registered with the RCS of Paris under the SIRET number n°493 837 108 00031.

Elzéar is committed to respecting the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD, 25/05/2018). In this context, we update our conditions of personal data processing and invite you to consult our privacy policy below.

We remind you that you are free, at any time, to request the consultation, modification or withdrawal of data concerning you.

This process requires your consent at the following stages

when you send us your CV;

during our various telephone and face-to-face exchanges;

finally, when we present your profile to our clients.

In doing so, we guarantee you :

that the data you provide us with is strictly necessary for the advancement of the recruitment missions on which we can position you;

and that we will only keep it for 24 months.

Elzéar is equipped with the necessary security devices to protect your personal information. It is committed to being perfectly transparent about the use it makes of your personal information – use, let us remind you, that is not commercial.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our DPO at the following address:

Kind regards,

The partners of Elzéar Executive Search

Data protection policy

2.1 – Preamble

To improve the protection of the privacy of its clients and candidates, Elzéar is updating its data protection and confidentiality charter. Thus, Elzéar applies the obligations of transparency provided by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union, transposed into French legislation. This is why, in order to guarantee a secure experience, we make sure that the personal data you provide us directly, or that we collect indirectly (via the CVthèques, reference taking…) are only used for the non-commercial purposes stated in this charter.

This charter of data protection and confidentiality aims to make transparent our modes of treatment of the collected data, and in particular their mode of management as indicated in article 5 of the RGPD.

2.2 – Data collected from candidates

2.2.1 – Processing

The data collected directly, or indirectly know the same treatment. Within the framework of the RGPD, Elzéar has one month to obtain the free and informed consent of a candidate, owner of the data collected about him (cf article 4(11) RGPD). In the absence of consent, or if this period has expired, Elzéar undertakes to destroy this data. The consent must be renewed every 24 months.

The purpose of collecting data is, first of all, to put a candidate in contact with a client who is capable of hiring him or her. The data is then kept for 24 months, before being renewed with the explicit consent of the data owner.

The processing of the collected data consists in the presentation by Elzéar to some of its clients of profiles relevant to their organizations or their future strategy. Therefore, the renewal of consent requested from candidates will allow them to optimize their chances of being offered new professional opportunities.

2.2.2 – Data collected

First, we collect publicly available information, as well as information that you may choose to share (online CV, LinkedIn profile, etc.); then, we collect more personal information (that you may provide to us yourself).

Let us specify that, within the framework of our work, our view is as objective as possible. In the same way as article 4 of the RGPD specifies, we refrain from collecting any information whatsoever concerning racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious opinions, trade union membership, health with genetic and biometric data, or sex life.

2.2.3 – Purpose of data collection

As defined in Article 6 (f) of the RGPD, this type of processing is carried out for the following legitimate purposes:

To offer you professional opportunities for which we are mandated, and which could correspond to you;

To inform you of market opportunities;

To arrange meetings between you and our clients, which may lead to employment – and thus meet the contractual expectations of our clients.

As a reminder, we do not engage in profiling, statistics, or data analysis on any set of candidates, nor do we sell files.

2.2.4 – Conservation

In accordance with the European legislation in force, and the instructions of the CNIL, we do not keep your data beyond 24 months. Unless you renew your agreement for another 24 months, and this, as many times as you allow us.

The application of the RGPD is an opportunity for our business as it requires us to regularly clean and update data.

On the other hand, according to our terms of business, the retention of personal information about our candidates by our clients could be possible only if and when it aims at filling a specific position for which you apply. In accordance with the RGPD, our clients are responsible for the processing of your data, they must inform you if they intend to keep it in order to notify you of any potential job.

2.2.5 – Transfers

In order to provide candidates with the best possible service, we may transfer some of this data to certain trusted third parties (clients, suppliers). This transfer is limited in time, and to the strict minimum necessary for the success of the recruitment missions entrusted to us.

These trusted third parties are mainly our clients who recruit and mandate us. A transfer is also likely to be made to regular and trusted suppliers such as test and assessment companies (MBTI, DISC, CGP, etc.).

2.2.6 – Rights

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, and the application of the RGPD in French legislation you have:

a right of access to obtain a copy of your personal data collected (Article 15 of the RGPD);

a right of rectification or complement to modify data about you that would be inaccurate, obsolete, or incomplete (article 16 of the RGPD);

a right to the portability of data in a structured format (article 18 of the RGPD);

a right to erasure or oblivion of your personal data, which consists in requesting the deletion of your personal data, so that we could no longer trace your personal data or identify you through the data we have, and this in an irreversible way (articles 17 and 19 of the RGPD);

and a right to object to information about you (Article 21 of the GDPR).

Once you exercise one of these rights, any form of modification or deletion of the personal information we have about you is irreversible.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, and the RGPD, to exercise these rights, please contact the following email address:

2.3 – Data collected from customers

2.3.1 – Processing

In accordance with the philosophy of our present policy, we do not make any statistical analysis or any profiling of your data. They are used only in the context of the mission for which you have mandated us.

2.3.2 – Collected data

The data we have are those that you have chosen to transmit to us within the framework of the mandate entrusted to Elzéar: contact details, context, job description, salary range, expected profile, etc. ….

Any indirect information that we may collect will only be for the purpose of better serving your interests within the framework of a mandate: understanding a context, a sector, taking references, market mapping, sector analysis, etc…

2.3.3 – Purpose of the collected data

We have these data in order to present them to certain candidates identified on the market, to satisfy in fine your need for recruitment.

2.3.4 – Transfers

We do not transfer your personal information to third parties outside the firm, other than the candidates mentioned above. You also have a confidentiality clause, which may restrict the distribution of certain information.