Agri-Agro Business

Since it was founded, Elzéar has met hundreds of agri-agro business players and has witnessed the changes taking place in their sector. In France, agriculture represents 400,000 farmers and 895,000 salaried employees. In Europe, the sector represents 9.2 million people, 10.3 million farms, 156 million hectares of land and €418 billion in revenue. Elzéar Agri-Agro Business helps companies in this sector find the executive talent they need to manage the multiple challenges they face today, including demographic growth, climate change, soil depletion, ageing, financial issues, digitisation, health problems and loss of biodiversity.  

Large companies
  • Senior Management
  • Sustainable Development Division
  • Financial Compliance Division
  • HR Division
  • Legal Division
  • Animal Diet and Health Division
  • Sweeteners and Texturing Agents Division
  • Supply Chain Division
  • R&D
  • Industrial Affairs
  • Regional Development (Asia, Americas, Middle East, Africa, CIS)
  • Top Management
  • Technical Division
  • Scientific Division
  • AI
  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • General Manager
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Digital
  • HR Director
  • CFO
  • Chief Innovation Officer