by direct approach

Our work philosophy allows us to tackle complex and difficult candidate searches :

We generally complete our direct approach searches within 4 to 6 weeks.

A solid and proven methodology

  • 01

    Brief with the client

    Detailed, consultative analysis of the industry, culture, company and context; desire to gain a deeper understanding of our clients by digging beneath the surface.

  • 02

    Strategy for the search

    Complete review of the position to be filled and of the ideal candidate’s profile, creation of search guidelines.

    Mapping of organisations with the most likely candidates.

  • 03


    Methodical, confidential contact with potential candidates or with contacts able to point us to the best candidates.

    Assessment interviews with identified candidates that go beyond professional skills to focus on the finer details and soft skills.

  • 04


    Creation of candidate files based on due diligence and referrals; assistance during the final negotiation phase.

  • 05

    Follow-up of the onboarding

    Support and follow-up of the candidate’s integration and development during their first year on the job.


Our opinion on each candidate is based mainly on face-to-face interviews, backed by references (when client asks for it).

We can also organize some assessments using the two following assessments :

The DiSC assessment